Litter 19

Greek alphabet

Born 2018-02-12

Epsilon Sigma Omega Zeta
NFO a NFO n NFO n 24 NFO n
Female Female Female Female
Sold Sold Sold For Sale
Photos Photos Photos Photos

SE*Lisselbacks Beyoncé, NFO a 24 / SC S*Gräddhyllans Vulcanus, NFO n

On hold

 The Kitten is under evaluation


 Someone has shown interest, but no deposit has been paid


 Someone has paid the deposit


 The Kitten is sold and has moved to the new owner

When you buy a cat from S*Gräddhyllans it´s:

* At least 13-14 weeks

* SVERAK registrated Pedigree

* Vaccinated agaist Catpest and Catflue

* Cat for breeding only to registered breeders

* ID marked with chip

* Veterinary inspected

* Dewormed (if necessary)

*Inspection certificate not older than 7 days (at delivery)


When you buy a cat from S*Gräddhyllans you´ll get a startpackage with food and toys.

Also included is a CD with pictures of kittens from birth to delivery.